Take your training to a whole new level at CrossFit BGI Fitness

Don’t let the calm exterior of the saffron-colored CrossFit BGI Fitness building in West Palm Beach fool you. On any given day, you can find a mob of competitive clients performing an array of CrossFit  training exercises where strength, speed, balance, stamina, coordination, and flexibility are all put to the test. Kettlebells, medicine balls, plyo boxes and strength bands have replaced…

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Lose Weight Quickly!

For as long as you can bear it, eat only green vegetables with very few calories. You can eat them raw, bake them, sautee them, or blend them into a vegetable smoothie. But you cannot put any type of seasoning on them. Eat only green vegetables for as long as it takes to lose the…

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How to Stick to Your Workout Plan

It takes 30 days or one month to form a habit. So, if you could stick to your workout plan for that long then it would become a habit and part of your daily lifestyle. So how can you get to those 30 days before throwing in the towel and giving up? Reward yourself for…

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How to Lose Weight Fast

These days there is a very great emphasis that is laid on the importance of physical fitness. Nowadays, people of all age groups are slowly being obsessed with the idea of getting thin and fit bodies. So if you are also an over weight person and wish to get fit at any cost, then I…

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Couch Potato TV Workout

Are you guilty of watching TV for hours at a time? I am. This is a simple routine that takes the guilt away. Pick at least three bodyweight exercises. For example: push-ups, sit-ups, & squats Watch TV. First commercial: Choose one of the three exercises and do as may repetitions as possible. b.When you can…

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