How to Lose Weight Naturally and Quickly

As a person who has lost a lot of weight and one who loves to learn about fitness and health, I often get asked the question of how to lose weight quickly. Everyone wants to know the secret of how to lose weight naturally and quickly. Unfortunately there are people who are so desperate that they listen to the wrong advice. Many companies that are into big money from diet products churn out large numbers of weight loss pills and tonics. Most of these weight loss pills and tonics however, are nothing more than a way to get money out of these desperate peoples wallets. Ultimately, the wrong advice and bad diet pills will ruin any weight loss plan.

Quick weight loss is possible, without following any fad diets or taking in any weight loss pill or tonic. But it can only happen if you understand what causes weight gain and what causes quick weight loss.

Have you ever seen people who are able to eat a ton of food and yet not show it by their weight? Active teenagers also take in a lot of food without putting on extra weight. If you or I were to ate the same amount of food and balance it with the same amount of calorie expenditure, we would still put on weight. There is a reason for this difference.

Having an efficient metabolism is the key to quick natural weight loss. Metabolism is the process in which your body converts food into energy. The rate of your metabolism is effected by a number of variables. Age, sex, body weight, food habits, physical activity, heredity and medication all have an impact on how fast your body converts food to energy.

  • Young people have faster metabolism than older people;
  • Men, in general have a faster metabolism when compared to women;
  • People who eat a lot of roughage have faster metabolisms then those who are partial to fast food;
  • People who participate in lots of physical activity have high metabolic rates.

Unfortunately, fad diets, yo-yo dieting and the lack of exercise can adversely affect your metabolism. Your lifestyle and lack of exercise can affect your metabolism.

As you can see, the secret to losing weight quickly and naturally is speeding up your metabolism.

You can speed up your metabolism by eating the right kinds of food, getting plenty of exercise and taking in certain supplements that speed up your metabolism will all boost your metabolism. This three-pronged strategy will help you boost your metabolism and aid quick natural weight loss.


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