Pre-Workout Consumption

Before choosing what to eat before a workout, one must know what type of workout you will do. Whether it be cardio, weights, or any other form, specific workouts need specific foods, different amounts, at different times. For example, distance runners may want to eat pasta four to six hours before they run, this will…

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How to Stick to Your Workout Plan

It takes 30 days or one month to form a habit. So, if you could stick to your workout plan for that long then it would become a habit and part of your daily lifestyle. So how can you get to those 30 days before throwing in the towel and giving up? Reward yourself for…

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Couch Potato TV Workout

Are you guilty of watching TV for hours at a time? I am. This is a simple routine that takes the guilt away. Pick at least three bodyweight exercises. For example: push-ups, sit-ups, & squats Watch TV. First commercial: Choose one of the three exercises and do as may repetitions as possible. b.When you can…

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Try This for a Hardgainer Workout

While you are attempting to gain weight as a hardgainer, you need to forget about lifting weights like you see in the magazines. You do not have the genetics, nor are you built to benefit the most from these routines. For the best hardgainer workout, you will need to take a completely different approach. The…

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