Missing your workouts? Create a workout schedule

With the holidays fast approaching, you can be rest assured that either making it to the gym or trying to coordinate any kind of exercise routine will prove a bit more than challenging.  While many of us tend to go to the gym when we feel like it, the best way to stick to your exercise regime is to actually schedule it. 

Scheduling your workout can be beneficial in that:

1)It puts you in the habit. If you work out every Monday at 4pm, then you’re mind is already conditioned to the idea.

2) It creates order. If you miss your workout one day, you’re more than likely to schedule it for the following day around the same time.

3) You’re less likely to miss workouts.  By forcing yourself to commit to a time to exercise, there’s less of a chance that you’ll make excuses about not going to work out.

Most people create a workout schedule in order to make sure that they’re fitness routine is on track. Many fitness gyms are equipped with trainers who can offer you professional advice, and even help you create a workout routine that won’t be too difficult for you to follow. LA Fitness  is one such gym. With locations in West Palm Beach, Wellington, and Palm Beach Gardens, clients who are serious about their fitness goals can take advantage of the professional advice their trainers offer concerning workout schedules and technique.



If you decide that you’re better off creating your own workout schedule, design a routine that’s tailor made for you and for you alone. For instance, if your goal is to build more muscle, you will need to incorporate more weight training into your routine. If you plan to get lean, be sure to include more cardio into your workout sessions. Additionally, if your goal is to build more muscle, a schedule will help you make sure that you’ve covered all the major body parts in a week’s time. Likewise, if you’re trying to get lean or lose weight, a schedule will help you keep track of the amount of cardio you need to complete a week’s time.

Attached is a video with some tips on how to create your own workout schedule.

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