Pre-Workout Consumption

Before choosing what to eat before a workout, one must know what type of workout you will do. Whether it be cardio, weights, or any other form, specific workouts need specific foods, different amounts, at different times. For example, distance runners may want to eat pasta four to six hours before they run, this will provide them with ample carbohydrates, without causing any potential problems while running.

If you plan on lifting weights, the obvious choice would be protein. This is true, but to truly absorb protein before and after your workout, it is essential to consume the protein a while before. Many people make the mistake of consuming protein right before they workout. This usually ends up in vomiting. A whey protein shake after working out may be the go-to choice for many weight lifters nowadays, and for good reasons. Whey protein provides nutritious, pure whey to the body without any other preservatives that other foods or supplements can offer. It is very popular with people who generally want to stay in great shape, without a price.

Runners, just like weight lifters, need calories, a lot of them. However, since they need to use their bodies for long periods of time oppose to quick intense periods with breaks, the food consumed before must differentiate. With protein, a medium amount of fruit will improve stamina by providing energy. In addition, drink water before and after your workout.

Furthermore, it is always important to know your body, and know how much you can eat. Never overeat, as this may cause you to feel nauseous during your workout, and therefore not put forth the full-force workout you had hoped. Instead eat small portions frequently. This will allow your stomach to process foods faster, and therefore metabolize them more efficiently as well.

The keys to being successful in pro-workout consumption, is type of foods, how much you eat, and when you eat it. This is integral in obtaining optimal fitness. This applies if one if on a diet as well. Another key part is matching your diet with your workout, are they balancing each other out? Overall, follow these key steps to pre-workout consumption and fitness should be around the corner with some handwork and motivation.

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