How to avoid getting sick at the gym

As many South Floridian fitness enthusiasts are forced to exercise indoors due to the time change or cooler weather, many health clubs will inevitably become more crowded. Unfortunately, this also means that the average person will be more susceptible to illness. Most health clubs are already breeding grounds for all types bacteria, and an environment where sweaty bodies are in close proximity…

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Couch Potato TV Workout

Are you guilty of watching TV for hours at a time? I am. This is a simple routine that takes the guilt away. Pick at least three bodyweight exercises. For example: push-ups, sit-ups, & squats Watch TV. First commercial: Choose one of the three exercises and do as may repetitions as possible. b.When you can…

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Weight Loss Progress Keeps You Motivated

Dear Diary, Week one is done, and yes I’m still sticking to my 2,000 calorie diet. The Diabetic Food Addict is part of my box of motivational tools, but it’s not enough by itself. Sure I feel less bloated, yes my energy level is starting to rise, but I need concrete proof that beyond improved…

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