Weight Loss Progress Keeps You Motivated

Dear Diary,
Week one is done, and yes I’m still sticking to my 2,000 calorie diet. The Diabetic Food Addict is part of my box of motivational tools, but it’s not enough by itself. Sure I feel less bloated, yes my energy level is starting to rise, but I need concrete proof that beyond improved B/G test strips I’m doing my body good.

Every morning, as I go through my daily bathroom regime, I step on the scale. Did passing up that dessert last night make a difference? I need to know my efforts helped. There is one problem though, our bathroom scale dates back to the Regan years or farther. That poor device has been overloaded and squished to the point accuracy is no longer an option.

Every time I step on the platform I get a different reading. I’m not talking about a pound or so either way, this thing varies as much as 10lbs each attempt. It’s time to invest in modern technology.

Maybe one of those sleek slim digital models would be nice. Like stepping on a sheet of paper instead of my current wobbly model that requires me to steady myself against the wall.

Of course I could go with a sliding beam model that also measures your height. Doctor’s seem to think this is more reliable as I’ve yet to see anything else in their office.

No matter which ever I choose, I must see documented physical proof that I’m gaining on my weight issue.

Progress Report:

My morning blood sugar today is 95. I’ve seen dramatic improvement in this reading throughout the week. For months I was satisfied to see numbers consistently in the 115-120 region until my last A1c confirmed this just wasn’t good enough.

I’m guessing my weight has dropped from 240 to about 235. The scale issue will be resolved today. Blood pressure has dropped from a recorded high at the Doctor’s office of 148/90 to a much healthier 128/75 during mid-day a few hours after taking my medication.

With a goal of 2,000 calories daily, I’ve stayed closer to 1,700 on average, and I walked a 1/2 mile every day but one. My back was bothering me enough to sideline me that one day.

If there were any surprises to see, it was in my salt intake. Thank you SparkPeople.com for including that feature in your tracking program. As I add very little salt when cooking, I was shocked to see I had exceeded my daily recommended sodium intake by over 100% the one day I relied on processed prepackaged foods. Simple proof that if it comes in a box or a bag, it’s probably loaded with salt.

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