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Burak Deniz ️ | The americans tv show, Hot actors, Turkish actors


Burak Deniz ️ | The americans tv show, Hot actors, Turkish actors

Have you ever walked around a gym or a beach and seen the guys with huge arms, legs, shoulders, and neck?  Then you look at their chest? It’s huge, but looks like the shoulder are rolling forward. Or they have a “C” shape to them? Or are you a guy that can’t seem to widen your chest? Or a female that is trying to lift those breasts. Well I have a secret for you (male and female) are u ready? It’s called working out your back and stretching your back and shoulder.  Yea that’s correct working out tour back and stretching your back and shoulders.

I have trained lots of people that tell me they want to obtain a bigger chest. While I have women that say they want to lift their busts. Well by working out the back and stretching the shoulders these things can be obtained.

As with both men and women, alike, use resistance training to strengthen, tone, lift or widen chest, don’t give their backs the same attention. As the chest gets stronger it starts to overpower the back muscles. When this happens the shoulders roll forward and start to subtract from the chest surface area.  This gives the “C” shape you see with the men and the lowering of the breasts in women. With this comes the tightening for the chest muscles. That pulls the shoulders inward again giving that ‘C” shape appearance.

To counter this one needs to adequately strengthen the back and posterior shoulder muscles to compliment the strength of the chest and anterior shoulder muscles. Routinely stretching the chest, shoulders before and after workouts will allow the chest to expand and grow in size.


Taking a little more time to stretch the chest muscles will show the greatest gains. How you ask? Well think of it like this. When u stretch the chest muscles you lengthen the muscle giving yourself a little more surface area.  The more surface area the more places for muscle to grow. Muscles are not just one strand but many strands woven into a unit or units.

Below are a few exercises that are great for building your upper back and shoulders. The reasons these two exercises are so great are that they allow extension of the muscles and both negative and positive resistance during an exercise.

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