Try This for a Hardgainer Workout

While you are attempting to gain weight as a hardgainer, you need to forget about lifting weights like you see in the magazines. You do not have the genetics, nor are you built to benefit the most from these routines. For the best hardgainer workout, you will need to take a completely different approach.

The lifts you must do will only require a barbell. You can use dumbbells if that is all you have, but the barbell will be your best tool. You can lift a much heavier weight this way and you are integrating both sides of your body when you lift this way to get maximum results.

No use doing isolation lifts like dumb bell curls and such, you will get stronger but you are not getting the maximum amount of exercise you would with the barbell. The amount of reps you do are different also. After doing a warm up set, your rep range should be low. How about 5 or 6 reps at the most. Make that last rep a good one.

The exercises you should be concentrating on are the squat, bench press, barbell curls. For upper back do pull ups. The squat would be your best money maker, it hits your whole body and can really make you grow. The pull up is another exercise that many consider the best upper body exercise you can do.

Do not spend much time doing your work out. Get it done quick and move on, Figure if you do four exercises with a warm up each and two working sets each, you can be done in half an hour. That’s with resting between each set and exercise.

Keep in mind this is only part of what is necessary to gain weight as a hardgainer. Remember to eat more food and get plenty of rest and you would be on your way.

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