Simple Ways to Lose Weight

You may be able to lose weight by making a few simple changes to your menu. Most people find making a few changes easy enough to continue

To lose weight begin by adding some simple items to your menu. Before two of your daily meals eat a serving of fruit or a vegetable. This should help you remain full enough to avoid empty calories throughout the day.

Most people can benefit from more water in their diet. Have one glass of water between lunch and dinner, and one after dinner.

Add more fiber to one meal each day. This can be done with a serving of beans or a bran cereal.

People find they lose more weight and feel healthier if they eat more than three meals. Divide the amount you usually eat for three meals into four or five servings.

Proper fats should be included when you want to lose weight. Adding nuts, olive oil and avocado to your menu may help you stay healthy while you accomplish your goal.

Adding a better quality bread to your diet can help you lose weight. Breads made with whole grains and that contain fiber can be found in any grocery store.

To help you stay on course have a small amount of protein an hour before bed. This can be a teaspoon of peanut butter or a few nuts.

Many think to lose weight they should avoid breads, pastas and other foods they really enjoy. This is not realistic for most. Adding foods that are nutritionally beneficial while eating less of the items that are harmful may make more sense.


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