Play Kids’ Games to Get in Shape and Lose Weight Fast

Looking for worry-free ways to lose weight fast? Trying to get in shape without the pain and suffering? Remember being a skinny little kid? Play kids’ games to lose weight fast and get in shape this summer. You can play kids’ games for weight loss and for fun. Get in shape and make your kids happy. Play kids’ games with them this summer and lose weight fast.

Skateboard / Roller Skate / Roller Blade
Play kids’ games on wheels to get in shape this summer. Lose weight fast by skating in the park with kids or grandkids. Skating is a painless way to get in shape unless you fall down. Pad yourself up to play kids’ games on wheels. Don’t forget the helmet, Grandma.

Teach the kids how to play kids games from back in the day. Draw a hopscotch board on the sidewalk for the warm up stretch. Then throw the rock and jump, jump, jump, to lose weight fast. Hopscotch is great cardio to get in shape with.

Biking is a great way to lose weight fast. Get in shape by cycling to the park or pool. Take advantage of state park or city bike paths to lose weight fast. Pack light lunches and drinks, then bike someplace where you can go for a refreshing cool off swim before peddling home.

Jump Rope
Better get in shape with some other kids’ games before you play kids’ games like this. Jumping rope is a great way to get in shape and lose weight fast. Boxers do it and so can you. Between the arm movements and all that jumping you will definitely lose weight fast.

Walking Plus
Kids walk everywhere. They play kids’ games like kick the can as they walk. Get in shape by walking to the corner store or anyplace else within a mile from home. Lose weight fast by leaving the car in the driveway. Don’t forget to play kids’ games like balancing on curbs as you go.

Have a Ball
Get the whole family together to play kids’ games like kickball, baseball and tennis. Lose weight fast together by playing games with balls. Informal games with neighbors or just throwing a ball against a wall helps you lose weight fast this summer.

Backyard Games
Play kids’ games like hide and seek in the back yard to lose weight. Break out the squirt guns, paint ball guns and water balloons and play kids’ games all day. Lose weight fast by running around the back yard like a crazy 10 year old. Get in shape and bond with your kids this summer. Play kids’ games!

Please note: Consult your physician prior to starting any exercise regimen.




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