How to Lose Weight when You’re Poor

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No money is needed in order to lose weight… drink a lot of water (from the tap, at least 2 liters a day. Tea is also very good), eat less bread (50g per day), est less fat, cook vegetables with steam and use spices for flavor, do not use grease on the stove to cook the meat, poach vegetables, fish or poulet. In order to not be too hungry, do not to remove all the starch (pasta, rice, potatoes potato), but do not use a ton of butter in it, just a little bit and eat all your vegetables.

At the beginning of the plan, weigh your quantities. Not more than 200 grams of meat/fish daily, but with the vegetables you can go up to 250g per meal. You forget the sauces, creamy desserts, cakes, except for 1 meal per week, you make yourself happy, if you can’t hold out for long. For cheese you take the normal, not reduced, but no more than 30g (1 normal serving of pie, for example) a day, afternoon or evening.

Take time to eat slowly, chewing well. Do not forget breakfast: hot drink with sugar substitutes, it is not expensive – 1 yogurt, 1 fruit and 1 slice of bread. If you’re hungry in the afternoon, eat a yogurt or an apple.

Of course, do a little exercise at your own pace (you’re not at the Olympics), but regularly. I was going once a week at the pool and I swam 1km at a time, gently, but with determination. Walk as much as possible, avoid the elevators.

The first month you will not lose much because it requires that your body gets used to it, so do not be discouraged, be patient and results will come. Do not climb on the scale every day, just once a week in the morning. Me, doing what I plan, I lost 9 kg in four months, without suffering.

Voila! There is nothing more to it than that! Good luck, if you’re really motivated you arrive there and never forgets that it is better lose weight gradually over several months than too fast. For if you are hungry you will gain the weight back.

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