Female health: three kinds of drinks are forbidden during menstruation


The weather gets hot gradually, a cup of cold drink lets a person instantly relaxed, but the woman that is in period can wait for plum to quench thirst however. In addition to cold drinks, there are three types of drinks, even at room temperature is not suitable for menstrual women to drink.

Sour drinks. Fresh and refreshing lemonade, kumquat lemon juice, plum juice, fruit vinegar to promote digestion, menstrual period should not be drunk. Chinese medicine believes that acid into the liver, with convergence, firm astringent effect, the body will dissipate qi, blood, body fluid convergence. Drinking drinks with a sour taste will reduce blood flow during menstruation.

Cool your drink. Properties of cold and cool food materials generally have the effect of clearing heat, purging fire or detoxifying, menstrual women drink, easy to appear blood stasis, affect menstrual blood discharge, a long time may cause inflammation of the reproductive system. Such fruits include watermelon, cantaloupe, coconut and dragon fruit; Tea drinks include green tea, white gourd tea, etc., which are made from these ingredients. Avoid them as much as possible during menstruation. In addition, foods that need to be refrigerated, such as yogurt, are also eaten less during periods.

Alcohol. Alcohol dilates blood vessels and increases circulation. Especially to a few oneself period blood volume is bigger or period is older, drink alcohol to bring about haemorrhage even. Therefore, avoid drinking alcoholic drinks such as red wine, plum wine, fruit wine and white wine during menstruation.

In addition to boiled water, brown sugar water, menstrual women can also choose some fruits and vegetables with mild properties, such as apple juice, mulberry juice, guava juice, or black tea, Chinese wolfberry chrysanthemum tea and other warm tea drinks.


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