Eat bitter gourd to protect liver really


Hepatitis disease in recent years has become the life of the common diseases, and the infectious disease and hereditary, so for such diseases are more should pay attention to the positive treatment and care, in order to help the patients better cure the disease and balsam pear has a important role on the health of human body, people usually boil, fry together with other food, such as balsam pear of burning flesh, bitter taste but not into the meat, so the name has a “gentleman’s food”. People in southern China like to eat bitter gourd. Although bitter gourd tastes bitter, it has an important protective effect on the liver, because bitter gourd is not only a good food to protect the liver, but also can reduce the incidence of hepatitis.

1. Bitter melon has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing liver

Bitter gourd has the effect of clearing heat and eliminating heat, nourishing blood and benefiting qi, tonifying kidney and spleen, nourishing liver and brightening eyes, and has certain effect on treating dysentery, sore, heat stroke and heat, heat rash, conjunctivitis and other diseases.

Traditional medicine believes that bitter melon taste bitter, born cold, ripe warm. Raw food qingxia fire, antipyretic in addition to trouble; Cooked food nourishing blood liver, moisten spleen and kidney. Folk often use bitter gourd in summer heat, clear eyes detoxification.

2. Bitter melon can reduce the occurrence of hepatitis

Bitter melon is rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C, which are nearly three times as much as tomatoes. And vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that improves the body’s ability to respond to stress. The active ingredients in bitter melon can inhibit the cancerization of normal cells, promote the recovery of mutant cells, and have certain anticancer effects, reducing the risk of liver cancerization.

In addition, it also has the functions of preventing scurvy, protecting cell membrane, preventing atherosclerosis, improving stress ability of body and protecting heart.

3, bitter melon is “fatty liver” killer

The bitter gourd element in bitter gourd is praised as “adipose killer”, the fresh juice of bitter gourd, contain bitter gourd glucoside and the material that resemble insulin, have good fall blood sugar action, can make absorb adipose and polysaccharide to reduce.

Balsam pear consumption has contraindicated special population is not suitable

Bitter melon can be eaten by the general population, especially suitable for patients with diabetes, cancer, prickly heat, but the following two points should be paid attention to:

1, bitter gourd cold, spleen and stomach deficiency cold people should not eat.

Experts said, bitter food should not be excessive, excessive easy to cause nausea, vomiting. Bitter gourd cold, eat more easily hurt spleen and stomach, so weak spleen and stomach people should eat less bitter gourd.

2, bitter gourd contains quinine, will stimulate uterine contraction, cause abortion, pregnant women careful food!

According to animal experiments, pregnant rats were given bitter melon juice to cause uterine bleeding, and died in a few hours, so pregnant women should not eat bitter melon.

What is dietary principle of hepatitis patient?

Pay attention to smoking and drinking. Alcohol, the main component of wine, has a direct effect on liver damage. Alcohol can promote the generation of adipose inside liver and accumulate, the person of long-term excessive alcohol drinking, often produce fatty liver, to the patient of original hepatitis more easily produce or aggravate a condition. It is necessary to give up smoking and drinking during the period of hepatitis.

Light food is good for the liver. Patients with hepatitis should be given an appropriate amount of light and easy to digest liquid food. Hepatitis patient dietary principle is like rice soup, green bean soup, milk, soymilk, fresh vegetable, fruit juice, sugar water, with compensatory quantity of heat.

3, appropriate supplement of some nutrients, conducive to the recovery of damaged organs. A diet high in protein, carbohydrates and fats, and plenty of calories. Such as fresh fish, liver, lean meat, eggs, milk, tofu and products, staple food porridge, noodles.

4. Eat a moderate amount. Can bingbing “eat more meals less” principle, or between meals add heart, cake, biscuits, lotus root powder, malted milk essence, to supplement heat energy.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits are not only rich in natural vitamins, but also contain a lot of cellulose, lignin, fruit acid and inorganic salts, which are essential nutrients in the process of liver disease recovery. In addition, eat vegetable and fruit to be able to complement the nutrient element that lacks not only more, still have unobstructed defecate, promote toxin eduction, reduce the action that the harmful material that the bacterium inside intestines decompose generation absorbs into blood.

6. Choose supplements wisely. A few belong to the chronic hepatitis of weak of spleen and stomach or deficiency of liver and kidney Yin to delay sex or liver hard change patient, but appropriate choice a few complement will protect liver to protect liver. If blind pursuit, it is likely to have the opposite effect, is very adverse to hepatitis treatment.

7, hepatitis patients dietary principles to supplement certain water and vitamins. Eat more fruit juice, vegetable juice, vitamin supplement, inorganic salt, etc., are beneficial. Daily guarantee of raw material ~C cough ml of water intake, to facilitate urine, promote the metabolism of harmful substances.


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