Don’t microwave these foods


In modern life, the microwave oven is already an electrical appliance in many people’s homes. In fact, more than ten years ago, the microwave oven is not popular, many people can only pass the hot rice hot dishes in the pot to stir fry, cooking. The appearance of microwave oven is convenient for many people, but there are two kinds of food is not suitable for the microwave oven, do you know which two types?

Two types of food cannot be heated in the microwave

1, liquid – milk, soy milk, soup

Believe that many people in the microwave oven hot liquid, such as soy milk, milk, soup and so on, but this is more dangerous behavior. If you heat it briefly and low, that’s fine, but if you heat it too much, it boils very easily. Boiling liquid will not only dirty the microwave oven, and may burn people.

2, with skin food – crispy sausage, with shell eggs, with packaging food

The heating principle of a microwave oven is to dissipate heat from the inside, which is different from our regular external heating. If it is food with a coating on the surface, such as a thin film on the surface of crispy sausage, eggshell on the surface of eggs, and packaging of bread, milk, etc., these foods are likely to explode due to internal overheating after heating, which concerns personal safety in minutes.

What other foods are best left out of the microwave

1. Food with plastic wrap and plastic bags

If the food is wrapped in plastic wrap or plastic bags, it is better to remove the plastic wrap and plastic bags before heating them up, as they are of limited heat resistance. If the temperature is too high, they may release toxic substances, which may be harmful to the body if they penetrate into the food. Even in heat-resistant packages, too tight a package can cause an explosion.

2. Half cooked food

Some foods that are undercooked, such as meat that has been slightly cooked, are not healthy if you want to microwave them until they are fully cooked. Because the microwave oven heating time is short, even if it is cooked after heating, it can not guarantee that the bacteria in the half-cooked food completely killed, eating will be prone to gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, if the food is undercooked, it should be cooked completely in the regular cooking method to ensure that it is safe to eat.

Food in non-heat-resistant containers

You know you can’t put metal containers in a microwave oven, and it’s best not to put anything that’s too hot. Before heating the container had better look at “suitable for microwave heating”, heat temperature and other words, if the container is ordinary plastic, melamine, it is best not to be heated in the microwave oven, after heating easy to give out toxic substances.


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