Can you lose weight by eating meal replacements



“You can lose weight by eating meal replacements and not dieting or exercising.” The sky-high price acting food of all sorts on market, if acting meal biscuit, acting meal pink, acting meal stick, acting meal soup, acting meal shake etc., all the rage for a time market, attracted the look of a lot of women who love beauty while reducing weight.

However, the case of “eating substitute food, leading to health problems” is frequently disclosed. Recently, the news of “a young girl eating biscuits to lose weight and cause cardiac arrest” has attracted many people’s attention.

So can meal replacements help you lose weight? What harm does it do to your body? Can you still eat it? Today and we have a detailed say!

What are meal substitutes?

Meal substitutes are those that replace part or all of the main meal. Common meal substitutes include biscuits, meal substitutes, sticks, milkshakes and porridge substitutes. Fast and convenient to provide a large number of nutrients for the human body, with high fiber, low calories, easy to satiate and other characteristics.

There are many types of meal substitutes, such as flower pies made with konjac as raw material, and grain meal grinds. When it comes to calorie restriction, all meal substitutes have the same effect.

Can you lose weight by eating meal replacements?

Under the banner of “natural, nutritious, low-calorie, long-lasting energy”, the company trumpeted the effect of meal replacement biscuits on weight loss. For obese people, even if they don’t eat meal replacements, they can still lose weight if they consume less energy than they consume.

On the contrary, if the unlimited consumption of meal replacement biscuits, the intake of energy than the expenditure of energy, not only does not have the effect of weight loss, but will gain weight.

What are the health risks of completely using meal replacements?

Not all meal replacements are low-fat, low-sugar, low-salt, high-fiber, nutritionally complete, due to production techniques and health awareness. Dieters who eat three meals a day or eat whole meal biscuits for a long time are not healthy.

1. Meal replacement biscuits cannot reach the intake of nutrients recommended by the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents, nor can they replace the natural nutrients in food such as potato, fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs, milk and beans, which will easily cause malnutrition if eaten for a long time.

2. Substitute meal biscuit protein content is low, also easy to cause fatigue, memory loss, low resistance and so on.

3. Meal replacements tend to be higher in fat, which can increase the risk of fatty liver.

How to use meal replacement cookies to aid weight loss?

1. It is recommended to use meal replacement biscuits in part instead of staple food. Choose the most suitable for their own taste and the least fat content of the product, and read the instructions before eating, in order to play the effect of meal replacement.

2. Drink more water every day. Drink enough water.

3. Eat more vegetables. Such as broccoli, spinach, rape and other dietary fiber rich vegetables.

4. Also get enough protein. White meat such as fish, shrimp and chicken with high protein and low fat content.

5. Get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep will help stabilize your metabolism and suppress your appetite.


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