Can milk be eaten with eggs


Milk is the most popular and one of the most common nutritional drinks, but also a common choice for breakfast in millions of households. For many people, having a glass of milk with an egg for breakfast has become a habit. However, some people pointed out that this is a common mistake, milk should not be eaten with eggs, otherwise it will make people sleepy. Is it true? What contraindication does drinking milk have again? Come and have a look!

Do milk and eggs eat together without nutrition? Rumors!

Why do Internet rumors say milk and eggs can’t be eaten together? It is said that milk and eggs are both rich in protein, and they make you feel full. If you eat them together, you may not be able to eat anything else, which will eventually make you drowsy and sluggish due to the lack of glucose.

This is a purely speculative rumor that there is absolutely no problem with milk and eggs. It doesn’t make people feel listless. But if you want to play the best nutritional value of both, it is recommended to eat with staple food.

“Protein can only function as it should if it is supplied with sufficient carbohydrates, otherwise it is wasted as heat. Therefore, milk and eggs combined with the staple food rich in carbohydrates can not only complement each other with various nutrients, but also prevent the waste of large amounts of protein used to produce glucose, so that the high-quality protein can be used more rationally.”

What contraindication does drinking milk have? Milk is not for everyone

Although it doesn’t hurt to eat milk with eggs, milk is not suitable for everyone, let alone anytime. Generally speaking, there are some taboos against drinking milk:

1, when taking medicine should not drink milk, especially tuberculosis patients, the lactose in milk can hinder the absorption of anti-tuberculosis drugs, affect the effect. Reason take medicine and drink milk, should interval more than 2 hours.

People with a bad stomach should not drink milk. Some people are lactose intolerant and have diarrhea when they drink milk, which is not suitable for drinking milk naturally. In addition, the bowel function of diarrhoea patient is weaker, still drink milk to be able to aggravate at this time illness. And milk is the food that produces gas, because this is abdominal distension, also unfavorable drink milk.

3, hypertension patients drink milk to have a choice. From the nutritional value of milk, hypertension patients drink milk to stabilize blood pressure is helpful. However, since hypertensive patients are often associated with arteriosclerosis, and the fat contained in ordinary milk may aggravate arteriosclerosis and even increase blood pressure, therefore, hypertensive patients should choose skim milk rather than whole milk.


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