This way, eating shrimp skin can make calcium


  Shrimp skin is a common food. Many people will think that this is the skin of a shrimp when they hear the shrimp skin. They feel sick and don’t want to eat it. In fact, the shrimp skin is not the skin of the shrimp, but the food made from the dried shrimp. The shrimp skin is very delicious, the entrance is soft and the taste is delicious. Shrimp skin can be used for the flavor and flavor of various dishes and soups. It is an indispensable seafood condiment in Chinese and Western dishes. So how do you eat the most calcium? What is the effect and effect of shrimp skin?

How do you eat the most calcium?

  1, seaweed shrimp skin porridge, shrimp skin porridge, pumpkin shrimp skin porridge, sour bean shrimp skin porridge, oyster shrimp skin porridge, shrimp skin brown rice porridge.

  2, shrimp skin laver soup, winter melon shrimp soup, seaweed tofu mushroom soup, shrimp skin fungus soup, shrimp skin seaweed soup, shrimp skin cabbage noodle soup, shrimp skin loofah soup, shrimp skin oil tofu bean sprouts, okra shrimp egg soup.

  3, shrimp skin melon, scallion shrimp skin omelet, shrimp skin green vegetables tofu, shrimp skin leek scrambled eggs, carrot shrimp skin scrambled eggs, shrimp skin egg fried bitter gourd, garlic seedlings scrambled eggs.

  4, shrimp skin seaweed tofu, seaweed mixed with shrimp skin, burning melon, cold mixed egg tofu, shrimp skin with eggplant.

  Shrimp skin is rich in nutrients, and the content of protein inside is much larger than that of yellow fish, octopus, scutellaria, prawn, squid and other meat products, as well as beef, pork, chicken and other meat products. Shrimp skin is known as the “calcium storehouse”. It is rich in mineral content and variety. Besides containing iodine, which is lacking in terrestrial and freshwater organisms, iron, calcium and phosphorus are also abundant.

The effect and function of shrimp skin

1, prevent pregnancy-induced hypertension

  Calcium is especially important for women in their reproductive years. Women’s late pregnancy is an important stage in the development of fetal bones, teeth and nervous system. Once calcium deficiency occurs, it is prone to osteomalacia, hypocalcemia, pregnancy fatigue and hypertension syndrome, and fetal premature birth or underweight. .

2, protect cardiovascular

  Shrimp skin is rich in magnesium, which has a certain effect on preventing arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

3, relieve neurasthenia

  Shrimp skin also has a calming effect, commonly used to treat neurasthenia, autonomic dysfunction and other symptoms.

4, enhance physical fitness

  Old people often eat shrimp skin, which can enhance physical fitness and prevent osteoporosis .


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