Is a partially decaying apple really carcinogenic?


Editor’s note: Fruit is good for us, but the method of eating fruit is not correct and harmful to the human body. Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about how to eat healthy fruits.

Is a partially decaying apple really carcinogenic?Is a partially decaying apple really carcinogenic?
Is a partially decaying apple really carcinogenic?

I said that one apple a day, the doctor stayed away from me. But if you accidentally buy a damaged apple, or if the apple has been partially rotted due to too long storage time, can the partially rotted apple be eaten? Will it cause cancer? Experts suggest not to eat. Because the decaying parts of apples are prone to mold, these molds are prone to produce a mycotoxin called patulin.

Wang Cuixia, a master of nutrition and food hygiene, said that the apple was rotten and that it could be eaten if it was cut off. No! Even if the decayed part is cut off, inside the pulp, microbial metabolism produces some harmful metabolites. For example, patulin, produced by mold, can “diffuse” and “infect” other seemingly normal parts.

Paclitaxel is a major toxin on moldy fruits and is carcinogenic to animals. The results of the original Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene of the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine showed that once the apples were mildewed, the normal part could also detect patulin, the highest content being 50% of the mildewed parts.

Fan Zhihong, an associate professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety at the College of Food Science, China Agricultural University, once said that people who eat the mycotoxin in rotten fruits may have dizziness , headache , nausea, bloating, etc., and serious life-threatening. She introduced: The most toxic substance that poses a threat to human health is Penicillium sp.

“The detection of patulin is not the same as the actual harm.” Fan Zhihong said that if it causes cancer, it is a long-term accumulation process. “You can’t eat this apple for a long time.” In her view, there is no simple equivalence between test results and cancer risk.

But rotten apples really cause cancer? Yuan Baojun, the chief expert of the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and the vice chairman of the Jiangsu Nutrition Society, told reporters that this is not the case. The patulin is carcinogenic to animals, but whether it is carcinogenic to humans, there is no research or related reports. The decay of apples is caused by the toxins produced by microbial infections that cause the necrosis of apple pulp tissue. These toxins may spread through the system to other pulp tissues, but whether they will cause harm to the human body, depending on the fungi and the types of toxins produced. Moreover, the human body itself has the ability to resist and eliminate foreign bodies. It is not the consumption of these molds that it will cause cancer .

These fruits are suitable for eating in winter.

1. pear

Iced sugar stewed Sydney is a traditional specialty dessert snack. Pear moist lungs, heat and thirst, with the use of rock sugar, can enhance the effect of relieving cough, treating children with lung dry cough, dry cough without phlegm, dry lips and throat. Pears are more easily absorbed by the body than polysaccharides and multivitamins.

2. Hawthorn

The hawthorn tastes sweet and sour, has the effect of appetizing digestion, stagnation and elimination, and promoting blood circulation and stasis. After washing, the fresh hawthorn is washed, seeded, sliced, filled into a cup, and added with tea to make a haw. tea. It is often used to drink hawthorn tea and hawthorn tea, which has obvious effects of lowering serum cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, diuresis and calming. In addition, it can also eliminate food, clear blood, stop diarrhea , detoxification and phlegm, and help treat children with hernia .

3. orange

Orange has the function of promoting the metabolism of the human body. The orange meat and tea are brewed with boiling water and then consumed. It has a certain effect on preventing cancer. If fresh orange peel is used together with white sugar to drink water, it has the effect of swelling, burning throat, clearing heat and relieving cough. The role.

4. date

Use jujube and tea to soak, often drink with obvious anti-cancer, anti-cancer, prevent cardiovascular disease and spleen appetite. Jujube and tea, licorice decoction drink, improve the anemia , thrombocytopenic purpura , women’s menopause and night sweats.

5. pineapple

Cooking with pineapple and chicken and beef can increase your appetite. Pineapple contains enzyme capable of promoting blood circulation and reduce blood pressure , can prevent fat deposition. Pineapple also contains bromelain to stop cough.

6. apple

Apple is sweet, sour, cool, into the spleen, stomach, lung, there is Shengjin Runfei, in addition to annoying heat, appetizing and sobering, dehumidification and diarrhea, apples are rich in vitamins, a lot of cellulose, can promote the stomach The peristalsis of the intestine absorbs water, which softens the stool and promotes the discharge of the stool. The fiber in the apple is beneficial to the growth and development of the child. Zinc in apples enhances children’s memory.

Eat a fruit, phlegm and cough after a meal

Persimmons are rich in nutrients and contain a variety of sugars, vitamins and trace elements. Professor Tian Zhengjian, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that persimmon also has the effect of clearing away heat and moistening dryness, relieving phlegm and relieving cough, and is one of the most suitable health fruits for patients with chronic bronchitis . Recently, the weather has suddenly cooled, and the number of patients with cold and cough has increased. If you can eat a persimmon after a meal, it will have a good auxiliary treatment effect on cough.

Why do you have to eat after dinner? This is due to the increase in gastric acid in the fasting of the human body, and the concentration is high, and modern research has found that persimmon contains a large amount of tannins, colloids and soluble astringents. If it meets with high concentration of gastric acid, it may form stones. Eating persimmons is easy to get stomach persimmon disease. In addition, although persimmons are not too greedy, do not eat them with crabs, fish, shrimps, and sweet potatoes containing high protein.

Tian Zhengjian recommended three therapeutic regimens that use persimmons to relieve cough: 1. Steamed dried persimmon cake: Take 1 dried persimmon cake, crystallize the amount, and steam until the persimmon cake is soft and eaten. 2. Take 3-4 persimmons, 50-60 grams of glutinous rice to cook porridge, add appropriate amount of sugar and eat. 3. Put 18 grams of green barley and 15 grams of mung bean paste into the processed persimmon cake, steam together for 5 minutes, and eat one every day before going to bed.


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