How should the first glass of water be drunk every day?


Many people have the habit of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning. Light salt water, honey water, boiled water and lemonade have their own fans. But what should I drink and drink the first cup of water every day? Is there any taboo? Tang Liang, deputy director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Nansha Hospital of Guangzhou First People’s Hospital, gave a detailed introduction.

How should the first glass of water be drunk every day?How should the first glass of water be drunk every day?

1. Drink cold water or hot water?

Many people think that getting up in the morning should drink hot water. Tang Liang said that drinking hot water can really promote gastrointestinal motility, promote blood circulation, and also have a slight sweating effect, which can dispel the cold evil that may be exposed at night to reduce the chance of catching a cold . But be careful to avoid excessive water temperature to avoid burning the esophageal mucosa.

Drinking cold water early will cause the gastrointestinal mucosa to suddenly become cold, leading to the contraction of the capillaries that are originally open to the stomach, causing gastrointestinal discomfort and even diarrhea .

2. What kind of water do you drink?

Boiled water, light salt water, tea water, honey water, ginger brown sugar water, lemonade, chrysanthemum tea, Sanqi Danshen powder tea, milk, juice, cola, coffee, etc., are all people drink. As for what to drink in the first cup of water in the morning, Tang Liang said that he should choose according to his personal situation.

Boiling water

It can not only replenish cell water, but also reduce blood viscosity and facilitate urination. Usually after drinking boiled water for half an hour, the body will discharge the metabolites of the previous night, and there is no need to worry about affecting the appetite for breakfast. It is the most applicable and basically no contraindications.

Light salt water

Focus on the word “light”, avoid salty, and help the sore throat and constipation .

However, it should be noted that the daily intake of sodium in modern people often exceeds the standard, and generally does not advocate the use of other light salt water; for people with high blood pressure , cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and abnormal renal function, light salt water is even more unsuitable. .

honey water

Suitable for people with physical weakness and constipation, but people with damp heat, phlegm, diabetes, and obesity are not suitable.


Vitamins can be added to help patients with gallstones , but people with too much stomach acid should not.

Ginger brown sugar water

It is suitable for patients with body cold and dysmenorrhea , but it is not suitable for those with partial heat.


Although it has the effect of reducing fat and refreshing, it is not suitable for drinking on an empty stomach, especially those with spleen and stomach deficiency and iron deficiency anemia .

Chrysanthemum tea

It has the effect of nourishing the liver and clearing the eye, but the chrysanthemum is cold and easy to sweat, not suitable for those with excessive body sweat.

Sanqi Danshen Powder Tea

It has the effect of assisting lipid-lowering through blood vessels. For patients with hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis , a spoonful of powder can be used as a health care in the morning. However, menstruating women and spleen deficiency are not suitable.


Drinking on an empty stomach can affect the nutritional value of milk and can easily lead to diarrhea.

Juice, cola, coffee, etc.

These drinks contain high sugar and high fat. They need to be digested and absorbed after drinking. On the one hand, they will increase the burden on the stomach, on the other hand, they will lose the effect of cleaning the internal environment, and they will not be able to effectively replenish water. Therefore, it is not suitable as the morning after getting up. Drink in a glass of water.

3. How much do you drink?

Tang Liang pointed out that the first cup of water to drink after getting up in the morning depends on the season, night temperature and human sweat.

Generally speaking, it is recommended to drink 200~300ml, which is the amount of a cup of water. Drinking too much water will dilute the gastric juice, affecting the digestion of the breakfast, and drinking too little can not excrete the metabolic waste in the body.

If you are in the summer, the temperature is high, and you sweat more at night, the amount of drinking water in the morning should be increased.

However, it should be reminded that patients with edema, heart and kidney dysfunction, cirrhosis and ascites should strictly follow the doctor’s advice.

4. When do you drink?

It is generally better to drink after the mouth is finished to avoid oral bacteria entering the digestive tract.


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