The stool shows that there is a serious illness


  If the stool becomes the following five ways, it is likely to remind you that there is a disease to find you.

  Hard state type. Commonly known as “sheep dung ball”, small, hard. Suffering from intestinal dysfunction orIn constipation , the stool accumulates in the intestines, and the water is absorbed, causing the stool to harden. Drinking less water can also cause stools to become hard. Such people should not squat when they have a willingness, drink plenty of water, eat more foods and vegetables rich in cellulose, and promote intestinal peristalsis.

  Viscous type. Like mud, closeDiarrhea . This may be due to the excessive peristalsis of the intestines, which is too late to absorb the moisture in the food. If accompanied by abdominal discomfort, it may beIrritable bowel syndrome , you should adjust your diet and relax your mind. If accompanied by routine abnormalities, more common in chronic intestinal inflammation, you should seek medical advice in time to avoid irritating food. If it is bright red, it may be acute hemorrhagic necrosisEnteritis , mostly in the elderly.

  Water type. Often accompanied by sudden intentions, smell or stench, or odorless, mostly due to stress, overeating,Food poisoning, etc., should pay attention to keep warm, eat more easily absorbed food, such as porridge, noodles, vegetables, etc., to avoid high fat or high protein diet. The stool does not form for more than a week, and may indicate the quality of the instrument.Venereal disease variations.

  Soft and hard doped type. Blocks and liquids alternately appear, no specific color, mostly caused by “intestinal irritable syndrome”, mostly due to stress and irregular life, resulting in fatigue of the body, making the stool unstable, eliminating stress, relaxing body and mind, Balance the diet and maintain the stability of the intestinal environment.

  Slim type. Thinner strips, even as thin as noodles, occur in women who are dieting for weight loss and abdominal muscle weakness, and can also be caused by anal stenosis or rectal tumor compression. It is recommended to eat kelp, fungus, mushrooms, tofu and other foods that are easy to absorb moisture and fermented foods such as yogurt to promote intestinal activity. If you are over 40 years old, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible to rule out the possibility of cancer.


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