Longevity strategy for British centenarians


  The British “Merkola Health Network” recently interviewed three British centenarians. They are 101-year-old Croze, 102-year-old Dannelly and 103-year-old Harper. After that, they summed up six from three old people. Big longevity strategy.

  1. Life is positive. This is the biggest commonality of the three old people. A new study involving 100 elderly people with an average age of 81 also found that young people with a young mind, love of life, full of expectation and creativity are better in health and physical strength. Their physical age is 20 years younger than their actual age.

  2. Cook your own food. Longevity is inseparable from healthy eating, and many long-lived elderly people choose a self-sufficient lifestyle. The old Harper planted vegetables in his own yard; the old Kroze also kept making his own bread and made full use of his initiative.

  3. Interpersonal relationships are solid. Another commonality of the three centenarians is that they have a strong and positive interpersonal relationship. The study found that people with strong social support increased their chances of longevity by 50%. In addition, although the three old people have more than 100 years of “past”, they never tangled with lost things, live in the present, no regrets.

  4. Helpful. The old Harper said that being kind to others and helping others can help to enhance self-worth. Some studies have also found that volunteering can reduce the risk of depression and anxiety, and reduce stress, which in turn helps happiness and longevity.

  5. Keep learning for life. In order to keep up with the times, Danali elderly learned to shop online. He said that living to the old age is closely related to health and longevity, and it is not too late to learn. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also released a report that showed that at least those who completed college undergraduate years of life were 9 years longer than those who did not. People who have been educated for a long time are very eager for knowledge, they can do their jobs better, they are good at planning the future, and their lifestyles are healthier.

  6. Stay independent. Kroze said that the elderly should stay as independent as possible, but they should also actively express their needs when they need help. Dana uses his life motto “to move on until the end of the road” to encourage a firm attitude and live happily and healthily. 


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