Thousands of rolling water causing cancer? Is the water poisonous overnight?


  Water is an essential nutrient for human beings. Recently, water has been pushed to the cusp of the cusp. Some people say that “thousands of boiling water is carcinogenic!” “There is no poison in the overnight water, so you can’t drink it” and so on, causing panic and doubts.

  So, is there any basis for these claims? How to drink water is safer and healthier? Today we will talk to you in detail!

  Is a thousand boiling water really carcinogenic?

  Thousands of boiling water, that is, water that has been boiled for a long time (repetitively boiled). It is rumored that drinking such water will cause cancer, and the basis is mainly to say that it contains “nitrate and nitrite” substances. In fact, in the process of repeated boiling, due to high temperature and oxygen deficiency, it does cause some nitrates in the water to be converted into nitrite.

  But does it mean that it will cause cancer?

  The nitrite content in tap water was determined to be 0.007 mg/L, and the value was 0.021 mg/L after boiling once. The content after boiling for 20 times was 0.038 mg/L. The content of nitrous acid in drinking water is defined by a clear “national standard”, the value is ≤ 1 mg / liter; in other words, in order to reach this limit, it is theoretically necessary to boil water 200 times.

  Therefore, even after several times of boiling, the value is still far below the national standard, and it cannot be generalized. In fact, there is no connection between the thousands of boiling water and cancer .

  Is the water really poisonous overnight?

  Some people say that after drinking water overnight, they are poisonous and may even cause cancer. The reason is still the problem of “nitrites”. Nitrosamines are indeed a new type of drinking water disinfection by-product, but the amount of nitrosamines we consume from drinking water is “very small”.

  Because the production of nitrosamines requires a suitable environment and precursors, the bacteria in the water will lose its activity after boiling, and the nitrate content is small, and there is no basis for producing a large amount of nitrosamines.

  Therefore, even if the boiled water is left overnight, it will not change the nature of the water itself. The microbial content may increase, but it will not cause much harm to the human body.

  How to drink water is safer and healthier?

  1. As long as the water you drink is clean, qualified and safe, you can drink it with confidence.

  2, drink water, do not stick to the “8 cups of water”, the size of the cup is different, the amount of drinking is naturally different.

  That adults drink 1500-1700ml of water a day, which is the most reliable. Please calculate the number of cups according to the size of the cup. If the weather is hot or some special people (outdoor workers, athletes, etc.), Drinking water should also be increased appropriately.

  3, talk about hygiene, do not drink “raw water.”

  Drinking water should pay attention to hygiene and ensure clean and safe; many people are used to drinking tap water without boiling, but such “raw water” may contain harmful substances such as chlorine, bacteria and eggs. So, please heat it and boil it before drinking.

  4, do not drink hot water and ice water, the water temperature should be “appropriate”.

  Drinking ice water will cause the gastric mucosa to suddenly become cold, causing capillary contraction, which will cause gastrointestinal discomfort; drinking hot water will undoubtedly damage the mucous membrane (esophagus, stomach) and even increase the risk of cancer of the digestive tract.

  Therefore, the water around 37 degrees Celsius is the most reliable, and the body temperature is equivalent, the human body will be more acceptable.

  5, drink slowly, do not “a large amount of drinking water”.

  Don’t worry about drinking water, you should “slow your mouth and drink slowly”. When you refuse to thirst, you should drink plenty of water at one time. The single drinking water should not exceed 500 ml, and you should refuse ” water poisoning .” Drink a small mouth, about 200ml each time, slow down and slowly drink.

  6. Don’t wait until you are thirsty and drink water.

  For various reasons, many people always like to wait until after thirst to drink water, but at this time the body is already seriously dehydrated, which poses a greater threat to the body’s metabolism.

  Therefore, develop a reliable drinking habit, deliberately drink a small amount of water after an important period of time after getting up, before eating, before going to bed.

  7, a reasonable view of advertising, do not be obsessed with “conceptual water.”

  There are many different kinds of water in the market, such as oxygen-enriched water, alkaline water and ecological water. In fact, more are just “propaganda gimmicks”. In contrast, it is still more affordable and reliable. There is nothing magical about “conceptual water”. Don’t spend money for the so-called health.


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