3 habits are more deadly than smoking


  Smoking accelerates skin aging and increases the risk of high blood pressure and cancer . But some bad habits are more harmful to the body than smoking. The English information website Sharp.com recently concluded three habits that are more deadly than smoking.

  I often eat meat. According to the US “Cell” magazine article, people who eat meat often have a four-fold higher risk of cancer and a shorter life expectancy than those who do not eat meat. This is almost the same as the chance of smokers dying from cancer. Therefore, it is recommended not to take only animal protein, but also to take appropriate plant protein.

  Watching TV for a long time. There is no problem watching TV itself, but watching TV for a long time will cause damage to the body. A survey conducted by the University of Queensland in Australia shows that smoking a cigarette will reduce life expectancy by about 11 minutes, but even non-smokers who are 25 years old will have a life expectancy of about 21.8 minutes for every hour of watching TV. This is because sedentary increases the risk of cancer and heart disease.

  Drink carbonated drinks often. A health survey in the United States showed that drinking about one cup (237 ml) of carbonated beverage a day would cause the immune cells to age for about 2 years; two and a half cups (592 ml) per day, the telomere (repetitive sequence at the end of the chromosome) would age about 5 In the same year, it has the same effect as smoking.


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