Tablet PC support has become one of the love movements of many fitness enthusiasts. Many people say that this movement can let you have eight abdominal muscles, or someone can say that you can make your abdominal muscles, so many people will feel reborn, crazy. Follow the wind as a support for the tablet in the gym, or in the community, or school playground, someone directly with the support of the tablet to become a social grand!

As a result, many people follow this trend, telling them how long they are doing planks every day, or how long they can last. They believe that the longer they do, the more they can exercise their abdominal muscles and make their muscles grow faster. In fact, this is indeed a misunderstanding.

Planck not only exercised the core strength, but also exercised muscle strength. It is not a muscle strengthening exercise at all. Many people mistakenly believe that this exercise can exercise perfect muscles.

Tablet support can burn calories, of course, any exercise that consumes energy, power, and can only hold the tablet for 10 minutes a day, looks very much, every 2 minutes, doing 5 groups, already tired, sweat also flows a lot, but You will find that after a month, it has no effect.

Some of your core strength is stronger, muscle endurance becomes better, flat support time is longer than before, but exercise to the abdominal muscles, reducing fat has no substantial impact at all, do not want to be blinded to see it again, it is clear that this action .

Ten minutes of wood a day is a challenge for the waist and abdomen, but the consumption of fat can be said to be negligible, because this time is not enough to burn fat, how can you reduce the proud flesh of your abdomen! More importantly, making wood for a long time is a kind of damage to our lumbar spine, and worse for people with bad waist.

Because the waist is always tight when making planks. Sitting or standing for a long time increases the pressure on the waist, and then making the board is a burden, which makes our waists unable to get a good rest.

So if you want to build muscle, don’t just make planks and lose fat, don’t even do it. Muscle movement is a diastolic period that requires contraction. It is always in a state where it is impossible to produce excessive stimulation. To exercise a good abdominal muscle, you should also choose to roll like a belly, and hang down to lift the leg to accept abdominal sexual behavior.

I also want to lose the proud body or honestly do aerobic exercise, control my diet, don’t be stupid to stick to the board for ten minutes every day, this is a torture, but no effect!


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