Fast walking is not a movement that is based on a fixed speed. Walking fast is an effort to walk as fast as possible. It feels uncomfortable when you walk. It is more comfortable to change the jogging limbs. This is a standard fast forward.

Why is there no fixed speed to go, because people are different in height, physical fitness and age. For you, this is a brisk walk, and for others it might be a walk. If I have to give it a value, then the speed of 6 to 9 kilometers per hour is fast walking, depending on the size. In short, whether a person works hard can be used as a criterion for judging whether a person is walking fast, which is suitable for anyone.

Take a quick walk for 30 minutes and jog every day, tennis or cycling, and more vibrant, fast-paced activities with the same protection. In addition, prevention of diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and some cancers have a good effect. And people who don’t have exercise habits should walk 30 minutes a day from now on, and they can achieve good results in strong fitness.

Weight loss
There are many forms of human movement. You don’t need these facilities and utensils to walk fast. As long as you move your legs and your arms fall off, you can achieve the purpose of exercise and remove the proud skin. This statement is not a random imagination, but is proved by large-scale experimental research. The study involved 173 inactive postmenopausal women. They range in age from 50 to 75 years old. These people are either overweight or obese, and almost everyone has a high abdomen, which is the result of fat accumulation. They took part in a five-minute, five-minute walk every Friday to lose the proud flesh. Women are happy with the results because they show a significant reduction in abdominal fat and overall fat. Weight loss also makes researchers happy. They warn that weight loss, which reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some cancer, should go very fast, such as taking a bus.

Go on the treadmill
It should be pointed out that fast walking minus the proud body is by no means an overnight goal. This kind of exercise needs to last for a long time and should not be abandoned midway. To give one of the simplest examples, there is a residential area where many people work in the office. When these people are worried about their weight gain, they will find ways to lose weight by walking fast. Then, the team’s trot grew from small to large, with dozens of people. They first hovered around the building 10 times a day and then slowly increased to 15 or 20. Sticking to more than a month, many people feel that losing weight, breathing, and walking fast.

On the first day of spring, brisk walking is a good choice. For the lack of exercise for ordinary people, it is not very scientific to start practicing running, and it is easy to affect the knee joint. The walk is fast and different. In the air walking in the suburbs, you can breathe fresh air and achieve the effect of sports fat consumption. Experts recommend that the minimum amount of exercise per day is 300 calories, the same as walking 10,000 steps.


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