I believe that many of my friends are obsessed with the battle. The following article describes how MMA players use strength training to increase combat effectiveness.MMA
What is MMA?
MMA is an abbreviation of mixed martial arts, which translates directly into mixed martial arts. MMA mainly includes: karate, taekwondo, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, judo, Jiu Jitsu. Of course, other martial arts can be used to challenge, but venues and rules may not give other martial arts an edge.
Why is MMA becoming popular?
Reasons include:
First, social violence cases are becoming more and more disordered, and learning to defend themselves can protect themselves.
MMA is a popular trend today and is very popular all over the world.
MMA is the perfect combination of combat skills, strength and cardio exercise.
Fourth, there are more and more MMA fighting movies.MMA 1

How do MMA players do strength training?

Since MMA players also need strength training, how much weight and strength do they need? As mentioned before, the athlete’s bench press standard is 1.5 times his/her own weight. This general rule also applies to MMA athletes.
However, like other land sports, MMA focuses on the balance and coordination of the upper and lower body, so it is impossible to practice bench press only. In addition, there are other important compound sports, such as front squats, excessive squats, back squats, sitting push-ups, pull-ups, and so on.
At this point you should start asking yourself, “If the bench press is 1.5 times the weight, what are the other requirements?” This is the MMA coach’s requirement for each strength training. (BW stands for weight)

1. Hard Lift – 2xBW

2. Backup squat – 1.75xBW

3. Front 蹲 – 1.5xbw

Head 蹲 – 5 times 1xBW

5. Bench press 1.5 xBW

6. Sitting – 0.9xBW

7. (load bearing) pull up BW + 0.5bw

Among them, you will find the ratio of three important actions: bench press, squat: hard lift = 3:3.5:4, which is not the same as the ratio of 3:4:5 required by the average weightlifter. There can be such a difference because the MMA pays attention to the flexibility of the leg, and the excessive squat can cause the leg muscles to become hypertrophy, resulting in insufficient strength and slowing of the leg. According to MMA, the lower the flexibility, the higher the chance of being caught. Once your leg is caught by your opponent, expect to be thrown to the ground and KO yourself.
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