Should strengthen the muscle training effect to avoid these muscle training training errors

1. Frequently change the fitness exercise. The same fitness exercise is done. The muscles produce memory. In fact, the single muscle training effect is not good. Focusing on a moving position can better stimulate the corresponding part, but the action is very long. For a period of time, if the quality and action groups do not increase, there is a large impact on muscle increment.

2. The action is too fast. The number of times and the number of times that beginners do fitness training is generally fast, but each muscle group does not need to do it quickly in order to get the corresponding stimulation, or whether the group number is correct or accurate, and the muscles are exercised every time. It has a promoting effect, which makes the muscle increase effect more prominent. Of course, the corresponding speed increase is necessary, which has a corresponding promotion effect on the promotion of explosive power.
3. Attention is not concentrated. Training attention is prone to problems. Each muscle is controlled by the nerves. When the corresponding training exercise is exercised, the corresponding attention is concentrated on the muscle groups for exercise, so that your fitness effect will be better.

Unbalanced dietary protein is the basis of muscle growth. Protein supplements are also important for muscle training.
Good living habits help us maintain a good body, muscle training also requires rest and relaxation, and maintain adequate sleep, which is also very important during daily muscle growth.
Avoiding these bad habits will make my muscles stronger and our fitness program will be smoother.


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