The advantages and disadvantages of spinning!


Lose weight and quickly lose fat. Spinning is a great way to lose weight and burn fat. You can burn 400-500 calories in 45 minutes by bike. Long-term exercise can shape your beautiful body and help you lose weight successfully.
Strengthen the body and improve heart and lung function. Cycling is a continuous and repetitive activity, and for a certain period of time, with a certain speed and a certain training intensity, a certain amount of exercise needs to be completed, so that the heart rate gradually increases within the prescribed maximum and minimum safe heartbeat range.

Thin thighs, buttocks. The main purpose of cycling is to exercise the lower body, so the muscles and thighs of the waist and hips must be exerted at the same time during exercise. The role of the girl who rotates on horseback is particularly obvious. Pay attention to the correct posture of the buttocks, then you Can be thin legs and hips.
Strengthen waist and abdomen. Legs and waist need to work together during cycling. This strengthens the strength of the waist and abdomen and is ideal for riding spinning that often has back discomfort.
Prevent high blood pressure. Rotation can also prevent high blood pressure, sometimes even more than drugs. It can also prevent weight gain, hardening of the arteries, and strengthening the bones.

bad thing:
It is easy to cause knee injury. Like running, rotation can cause knee wear and damage to the meniscus. To avoid knee injuries, increase the strength of the muscles around your knees and let them protect your joints.
Cycling is prone to injury for long periods of time. It is recommended that people who often ride a spinning bike can do more squats, squat or flex and stretch their legs. These exercises help to enhance the toughness of joints and muscles, preventing knee wear during spin training or running.

Gym training is prone to lack of oxygen. The gym’s whirling room is ideal for aerobic training, but most spinning rooms are too small and many people are easily deprived of oxygen during training.
The training intensity is too strong and it is easy to fatigue. The intensity of the rotation is relatively large, mainly based on your own personal situation, it is best to keep up with the speed of the coach, but it also requires a process of slowly adapting and progressing.

When riding a bicycle, the upper body should be supported by the waist and abdomen muscles, with the thighs and buttocks as the center of gravity to maintain stability, without stepping or twisting. Relax with your hands or shoulders, don’t stiffen, bend your back naturally, don’t straighten up straight, so as not to continue to maintain bad posture and back pain. Step on the ball of the rotating foot, the area behind is the largest. Press the inside of the pedal and use the ball of the foot instead of the arch. The procedure uses the main muscles of the buttocks to “push off” and pull back with the biceps femoris, and the legs repeatedly appear in the ring.


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