Johnson said, “Health is definitely more valuable than money, because buying money is for health.” Owen once said that “human happiness can only be based on physical health and psychological well-being. So it can be seen that health is the most important. The wealth. Without health, people can’t do anything.

Health means that a person is in good physical, mental and social well-being. Physical health is reflected in strong mobility and resistance; mental health comes from optimism, calmness and other excellent personality characteristics; social health means a positive social atmosphere and a harmonious and stable social life. If you lose your health like a bird’s broken wings, the boat can’t find the direction, and eventually loses the tower fog, and the labyrinth crossing.

Personal health lies in both physical and mental health. Health, people’s quality of life can be improved, and the value of life can be found. In terms of health, Lang Ping is the best interpretation. “Good physical fitness, high jump, and up to 3.17 meters of contact…” As a coach of the women’s volleyball team, there is no doubt that she is healthy, but more importantly, she has persistence. Unremitting spirit. The spirit of Lang Ping, the Chinese women’s volleyball team suffered a blow and did not give up; let people fight for it; shocked the world. Perseverance and the pursuit of dreams are signs of mental health. Boldly guessing, if there is no physical health, how can Lang Ping achieve excellent results, and deserved to become a famous women’s volleyball team? If there is no healthy heart, how can Lang Ping lead the Chinese women’s volleyball team that has suffered so much to return to the championship? Therefore, health is the most important asset of a person.


Of course, personal health is far from enough. Only the health of the whole society can better promote its harmonious development. Society is a collection of individuals who live together through various relationships. Only a healthy society can form a good social atmosphere. On the contrary, if the society is not healthy, it will show a pathological trend, from Lu Xun’s k y y, xianglinsao’s old age to the old Wu master’s “midnight”, Wang’s “teahouse”. This sick society is like a ruthless executioner who eliminates all the beliefs in people’s hearts and leaves only empty shells. But in today’s era, although there is no destruction of feudal decay, the social ills are everywhere. “Guest mentality”, “careful and ugly psychology”, “network dependence disease” these morbidities are quietly affecting people’s lives and changing people’s mentality. Therefore, health is also the most important asset of society. If the pathological development is cozy, society will also be destroyed.  

“It is your responsibility to be healthy for yourself and even society,” Franklin said. The first thing we should do is to make our body and mind healthy, develop good eating habits, exercise and develop a healthy lifestyle. Stay optimistic, love life, know how to use music, chess, calligraphy and painting to keep your body and mind healthy. When everyone can do this, society will be healthy, form a positive social atmosphere, full of positive energy, and promote social progress.

Health is the most important asset. We must pay attention to physical health, care for mental health, maintain social health, and make the future road full of fragrance.



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