Negative calorie foods are foods that require more energy to digest than food that provides energy. According to current research evidence, there is no such thing as “negative energy food”, and most of the weight loss products under the name “negative energy food” are hype concepts.

Negative calorie food can’t help you lose weight
Each food contains calories, but the numbers vary. Meat, nuts, and French fries are as high as 500-600 kcal per 100 grams of calories, and a minimum of 10 to 30 kcal for a small number of vegetables and fruits. The definition of online negative calorie food that consumes some calories and digests food means that the calories of the food itself are lower than the calories consumed by the digested food. The food to be eaten also uses some of your body’s calories, low calorie and high fiber characteristics. It can promote metabolism, help to lose weight and prevent chronic diseases. But will people not eat more or just negative calories in the future?

In fact, calories are necessary for the body to maintain normal function and workplace. The calories needed by adults every day = the calories needed for the body’s basal metabolism + the calories needed. The physical activity venue needs + the calories needed to digest food. Adults need about 2,000 to 2,400 kilocalories per day, which maintains normal body function.

The human body needs six nutrients through food intake every day: fat, protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water, as well as fat, protein, carbohydrates are converted into heat to maintain the normal physiological and motor function of the human body. Therefore, in the daily diet, we must pay attention to the reasonable mix of nutrients. These so-called negative calorie foods provide the vitamins and minerals the body needs. Trying to lose weight by eating only negative calorie food is not an option. First, from a health perspective, negative-calorie foods can provide unbalanced nutrition. They can hardly provide protein and fat. If you only eat these foods, it can cause serious malnutrition and even cause disease. Foods with less calories such as vegetables and fruits should be added to the formula on the premise of a balanced diet.

After all, the extra negative calorie food does not mean that the food itself has no calories or negative calories. If you think that these foods can lose weight, eat it in large quantities, and accumulation will lead to excessive heat absorption. Therefore, the amount of negative calorie food should also be properly controlled, and at the same time pay attention to the combination of different types of vegetables and fruits, especially to avoid eating high-sugar fruits.

The processing method should be scientific and reasonable. Many of these foods are not raw and need to be cooked with oil, salt, spices, etc., which increases calories. Therefore, the diet should be healthy, less oil and low salt, pay attention to cooking temperature and methods, and try to destroy the nutrients in the food.


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