Remember to eat more alkaline food after exercise


Many people often experience bloated muscles, joint pain and mental fatigue after strenuous exercise. In order to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible, buy some chicken, fish, meat, eggs, etc. to eat a meal, that this can supplement nutrition and meet the needs of the body. In fact, eating these foods now will not only eliminate fatigue, but will have a negative impact on the body.

Human food can be divided into acidic foods and alkaline foods. The acidity or alkalinity of a food is not determined by the chemical nature of the taste or food that is soluble in water, but by the acidity or alkalinity of the final metabolite produced by the food entering the body. Acidic foods are generally rich in protein, fats and sugars, and contain more acidic elements. After metabolism in the body, they form acidic substances, which can lower the blood and body pH. Vegetables and fruits contain elements such as K, Na, Ca, and Mg. After metabolism in the body, a weakly alkaline substance is produced to prevent changes in blood acidity. Therefore, acidic fruits are alkaline foods rather than acidic foods such as chicken, fish, meat, eggs, and sugar. The taste is not so acidic but acidic food.

People feel the soreness after muscle, joint, health and mental fatigue. The main reason is that the body breaks down a lot of sugar, fat, protein, lactic acid, phosphoric acid, acid produced during the decomposition process, and stimulates human tissues and organs. Muscles, joints, soreness and mental fatigue, like eating only meat, rich in acidic eggs, fish, etc., can make more acidic liquids, not conducive to relieving fatigue and like to eat vegetables, sweet potatoes, citrus and apple fruits, due to their The foundation can eliminate excess acid in the body, reduce the acidity of the urine, increase the solubility of uric acid, and reduce the possibility of acidic stones in the bladder.

Therefore, after fitness, people should eat more alkaline foods, such as fruits, vegetables, beans and other products, in order to maintain the basic balance of acidity in the body, to maintain human health and eliminate fatigue. The action is brought as soon as possible.


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