Battle rope, English name: Battling Rope. Can train muscle strength, muscle endurance, body coordination, core strength, cardiopulmonary function. In the United States, from weight loss training to professional MMA fighters, use combat ropes as part of the training.

In the movie guild war, Tony Leung also used a battle rope to exercise.
The front line is 1.5 inches, 2 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches. The whole article is 12 pieces – 30 feet long. Of course, the length is getting higher and higher. The front line training is caused by the vibration of the centrifugal force. Due to the instability of the exerciser, the training is different. Music has different movements to choose from, and the front line produces abnormal waves, which increases the enjoyment of visual enjoyment.

Battle line use

We all know that if we want to build muscle and lose fat, we shouldn’t always have aerobic training, let alone running. We should choose some sports that combine aerobic training and heavy training. The battle rope is the best example!
When we move the rope, we need to constantly move the whole body, so it is very effective training for the abdomen, waist, hands, feet and other stable muscles. In addition, there are endless ways to swing the rope, you can do this as you wish, so the rope is also a very good feature.

The advantages of the battle rope:
Improve other athletic performance
Increase metabolism
Speed ​​up fat burning
Strengthen physical coordination
Different training methods


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