How to control the fitness frequency


real In life, many people have heard of training methods that are overweight or light or few times, but it is not enough to know that.

During exercise, your exercise can cause “harm” to your muscles, which is often referred to as minor injury. On the surface, this is not a good thing. In fact, muscles must grow after training.

This method of fully restoring muscle mass is not always scientifically sound. In the experiment, the two groups of athletes performed strength training once a week, three times a week. The results showed that athletes who performed strength training three times a week had significantly better muscle development than athletes who exercised strength once a week. Most importantly, strength training three times a week increased the athlete’s strength by 40%, once a week.

Scientific research tells us that performing muscle training every 48 hours is much better than training muscles twice a week. But for many people, going to the gym three times a week may not be realistic. You may not be able to move on because you don’t have that much time, or because you have too much exercise.

The researchers examined the relationship between lower and higher body numbers and upper limb strength. They asked participants to complete one or three sets of barbell grips in 12 weeks, as well as two or three sets of tilted dumbbell birds and flat dumbbell birds.

Results The researchers found that the effects of Group 1 and Group 3 on improving athletes’ 1RM were basically the same. The results show that it does not require multiple sets of exercises to stimulate muscle growth so that it can be trained three times a week.


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