Myth 1: Muscle gain and fat loss are inseparable
Concerned about the elimination of key fats in firepower Many people mistakenly believe that the key firepower for sports in certain parts of the body will be able to achieve the goal of “key weight loss”. In fact, these exercises are designed to strengthen muscles, such as the abdominal muscles and upper arms, which are muscles that do not reduce the thick layer of fat in the abdomen or arm. If you want to lose weight effectively, aerobic exercise is essential, and muscle strengthening exercises (also known as resistance training) must be done regularly because they increase muscle mass. When you gain muscle mass, your metabolic rate will slowly increase, allowing you to burn calories faster.

Myths are not. 2: Belt
Fitness running belt. The belt is designed to help the weightlifter fix the lumbar spine, but only when lifting weights are certain or when some weight-bearing exercises are performed. You don’t need skin to bring weightlifting. Some people even use a belt when they are running, because in their minds, belts are like real sports looks. In fact, the misuse of the belt weakens the muscles around the lumbar spine and loses its function as a “natural belt” to stabilize the lumbar spine.

Myth 3: Hold the handrail on the treadmill with both hands
When the hands are holding the armrests and running on the treadmill, there are actually quite a few people doing this. It’s easier, but you’re swinging less calories than swinging your arm. Once you are familiar with the use of the treadmill, you should let go and let your arms swing freely. Some people read files on a treadmill without losing them. For such people, “simultaneous” can make the exercise effect greatly reduced, and if you are not careful, you may fall off the treadmill and get hurt.

Myth 4: Quick Stretch
Stretching and stretching exercises (stretching muscles again) When cornering, after bending, keep it for about 20 to 30 seconds, then return to the original position, and do not keep moving, bend back and stay back The original position is less than 1 second and it is repeated 10 times. When the muscles are constantly moving, it is easy to pull the muscles and bone tissue.

Myth 5: No sneakers
Problematic shoes, especially those that work out in the gym. What is the right footwear? Of course, sneakers are the first choice, even if the equipment is on the feet, it will not cause too much damage.


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