After many years of ruthlessness, I suddenly found out that the living person is a kind of mood. I have never forgotten it. I have always cherished it. I don’t give up, I have lost it, I don’t remember it, I have to work hard. In fact, each of us is constantly trying to change our own destiny, but always fooled by fate; we try to explore life, but find it is a dream; we try to express our personality, but in the end we tend to be Assimilated into groups. In this case, we can also let nature take its own path and look for the inner self, so as not to lose self and achieve inner peace! In fact, fate is always in your own hands.

The wheel of time ran slowly, thinking that we were pretentious, and the scars that were ran out of the wheels suddenly woke up. It turned out that we are very ordinary people. The imaginary beauty cannot replace the cruelty in reality, so the closer we are to reality, the more we will be hurt by reality. We are rushing through people every day, and we are busy in noisy and noisy environments. We are eager to get a relaxed release in a weary rush. In the dead of night, we find a quiet reason for loneliness that we can’t describe. We even look forward to the glory that our plain life can look like for a long time, and imagine creating a mediocre ability. Special achievements.

We continue to pray for our souls, because only the unremitting heart and satisfaction can make us feel the value and meaning of life. Since we are all ordinary people, why do we insist on pretending to be special? Those things that happen in our lives make us unhappy, we can use it as a splendid fireworks, fleeting clouds. Although the scar has been built, it has been slightly modified and will become a beautiful landscape.


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