Almost everyone (whether strong or handsome or not strong and handsome) has a small pectoralis major on both sides, the left biceps are bigger than the right, or the right leg is thicker than the left leg.

The main reason is:
1:First, the habitual action
Everyone has the habit of using their right or left hand. As time goes on, its physiological function will change, and its absolute strength and endurance will be slightly larger than the left arm. This has been proved by experiments. Because the strength and endurance of the left and right arms are different, they are sports bodybuilders at first. The reason is that when they are lying on the barbell, although the two arms try to complete the quantitative task, they are different in stimulation intensity, and the left arm has achieved benign stimulation. But the right arm is still scared. Over time, the lines of the triceps, deltoids, and pectoralis major muscles on the left arm become more pronounced and slightly wider than the right side.

If the person starting the exercise finds that the strength and endurance of his or her left and right limbs are different, or that the muscles on one side of the body are already too large, the load on each arm and the two legs is slightly different each time.

2:Second, posture
Change the intensity of the stimulus and the quality of the action. When benching, one arm is straight and the other arm is slightly bent, or one arm is straightened and the other arm is straightened, because the stimulation intensity is different, which affects the balance development of the two arm muscles. When the parallel arm is bent and stretched, the center of gravity of the body is slightly tilted to one side, and the angle of the force changes, thereby affecting the coordinated development of the bilateral pectoralis major and deltoid muscle.

Keep the correct posture for each exercise. This not only provides good training results, but also avoids injuries. For example, when a dumbbell lays down a leaflet, the two hands are divided into two ends according to the arc radius arc as low as possible, and the original position returns to the starting position of the two arms. The two hands still have to linearly descend the line and rise. It makes the bilateral pectoralis major muscles unbalanced and looks disharmonious.


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