Red wine is very good in taste and nutritious, especially suitable for women.

1, red wine can increase appetite
The unique wine flavor and ingredients determine that it is best for complementary foods. It not only can be appetizing, but also enhances the quality of dinner, excitement and relaxation.

2.Red wine nourish
The natural ingredients and brewing process in the wine make it contain a variety of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which are essential supplements and nutrients for the human body.

3.Red wine helps digestion
Wine contributes to protein assimilation; tannins in red wine increase the contractility of smooth muscle fibers in the intestinal muscle system. Therefore, wine can regulate colon function and have a certain effect on colitis.

4, red wine has a cosmetic anti-aging effect
The unique organic compounds in wine, such as polyphenols, enable wines to lower blood lipids, suppress bad cholesterol, soften blood vessels, and enhance cardiovascular function and heart activity. Re-hairdressing to prevent aging.

5.Red wine can help you lose weight
Wine has a weight-reducing effect, with 525 calories per liter of dry wine, which is only 1/15 of the daily average of the human body.

6, red wine has diuretic effect
Among a small amount of white wine, potassium tartrate, potassium sulfate and potassium oxide have high content and have diuretic effect, which can prevent edema and maintain acid-base balance in the body.

7. Sterilization of red wine
The bactericidal effect of wine has long been recognized. Studies have shown that the bactericidal effect of wine is because it contains antibacterial and bactericidal substances.

8.Red wine can prevent breast cancer
The new test results show that drinking wine, the feed has induced cancer in mice, and found that wine has a strong inhibitory effect on cancer. Researchers at the Illinois Pharmaceutical University in the United States use mulberry, peanuts and grape skins – one of the most effective anticancer drugs.

9.Red wine inhibits fat absorption
Japanese scientists have found that red wine can inhibit the absorption of fat, slowing the absorption of fat in the intestines, and the results of clinical trials are the same for humans. Many people think that alcohol in wine is harmful to human health, and the most important ingredient in red wine is grape. The content of other ingredients is relatively small, so red wine does not cause much harm to people.


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