What is the sense of ritual? lovely? affected? No! ! ! ! ! A sense of ritual is a life attitude that will lead you to a higher life. Both love and marriage have a sense of ritual and will go further.

I hope that you can feel a little ordinary life, but fortunately to clean up the future.

Lin Huiyin is a talented woman in the Republic of China. Every time she writes poetry, she will wash incense, drink a cup of tea, a piano and a book. It was her simple and chic ritual that made her children grow up to live a better life even under difficult conditions. Goddess Audrey Hepburn, in the movie “Tiffany’s Morning”, always with a delicate makeup, wearing a beautiful black dress, she stood by the window and elegantly drinking coffee, how is a beautiful word?

The sense of ritual makes life become life, not simple survival. The current society, the pace is fast, the people are impetuous, the status quo of most people is already busy life is completely occupied, but life is their own, maybe, just a short morning run, a cup of sweet milk, a brand new lipstick, Careful mix… Some people like the rough sea, some people like quiet afternoon tea, no matter what you like, you want to live a life in your own way, always worthy of others, and live up to yourself. . Our life needs a sense of ritual, which is a kind of awe, a kind of beauty, a kind of delicious, an attitude. It doesn’t need to be shown to others, but only your inner heart makes your ordinary life full of unique emotions from the inside out.


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