Aerobic exercise, also known as aerobic exercise, refers to the body’s full supply of oxygen in the case of physical exercise. The advantage of aerobic exercise is that it can increase the intake of oxygen and better consume excess heat in the body. That is to say, during exercise, the oxygen and the needs of the human body are equal, reaching a state of physiological balance. Therefore, it has the characteristics of low intensity, rhythm and long duration. Exercise at least one hour each time and exercise three to five times a week. Through this exercise, oxygen can make full use of the enzyme to hydrolyze the body’s sugar, can also consume body fat, enhance and improve heart and lung function, prevent osteoporosis, regulate mental and mental state, is the main means of exercise. Fitness.

Anaerobic exercise refers to the rapid and strenuous exercise of the muscle in the “hypoxia” state. The anaerobic exercise is mostly high-load strength and instantaneously strong, so it is difficult to continue for a long time, and the fatigue elimination time is slow. The biggest feature of anaerobic exercise is the very low oxygen intake during exercise. Because the speed and explosive power are too fast, the body’s sugar is decomposed too late by oxygen and has to rely on “anaerobic energy.” This exercise produces too much lactic acid in the body, resulting in muscle fatigue, muscle soreness and shortness of breath after exercise. If you want to make your body stronger, you can take anaerobic exercise at the gym. However, when exercising, it is best to follow the coach’s instructions and choose the training program that is right for you.


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