Celery juice raw beverage or cooked beverage

tastes good. The celery juice is washed with fresh celery and seasoned with sugar. Celery is rich in protein and a large amount of cellulose, which has the functions of stomach, diuretic, antihypertensive, sedative, hemostasis and constipation. Urinary tract infections, prostatitis patients, can often eat.

1. The antihypertensive effect of celery on the liver is mainly due to its acidic antihypertensive component. Animal experiments have shown that celery has a significant antihypertensive effect on intravenous rabbits and dogs. Clinically effective for primary pregnancy and menopausal hypertension.

2, an alkaline component isolated from celery seeds, has a compositional effect on animals, has a quiet effect on the human body, helps stabilize mood and eliminate irritability.

3, celery contains diuretic active ingredients, eliminating sodium retention in the body, diuretic swelling. Clinical celery decoction can treat chyluria.

4, celery is a high-fiber food with anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, it is produced by intestinal digestion of lignin or intestinal fat substances, this substance is an antioxidant, high concentration can inhibit the intestinal tract bacterial. Produces carcinogens. It can also accelerate the movement of excreta and urine in the intestine, reduce the contact between carcinogens and colonic mucosa, and prevent colon cancer.

5, celery with high iron content, can supplement the loss of women’s menstrual blood, is a good vegetable for patients with iron deficiency anemia, food can avoid the skin pale, dry, no Chinese skin color, and can make the eyes have a god, black hair bright.

6. Celery is the first choice for adjuvant treatment of hypertension and its complications. For vascular sclerosis, patients with neurasthenia also have an adjuvant treatment.

7, celery leaves, stems contain volatile substances, do not have aroma, can enhance people’s appetite. Celery juice also has a hypoglycemic effect. Regularly eat some celery, can neutralize the body’s uric acid and acidic substances, have a good effect of preventing gout.

8, celery contains zinc, is a sexually functional food, can promote people’s sexual excitement, the West called “couples”, has been listed as a fast food by ancient Greek monks. A study in Thailand found that regular consumption of celery can help prevent pregnancy by reducing the number of sperm in men.


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