Significance: Life has a good expectation and future in addition to the helplessness in front of us.

Gouyou: Just at the moment, chaos; perfunctory; careless; do something that goes against your heart, violates morality, and opposes the law of good law.

You stop complaining for a moment and you continue to try to look like a poet. But in fact, they are restless, full of anxiety, have spent their lives, but found that the distance is still far away.

Although life is so desolate, poetry and distant fields are gorgeous life. May your life be more than just a relaxing thing. I wish your blue lotus bloom forever.

The process of growing up may be that you want to stick to your own principles, but you must compromise. You think that you can get through the current difficulties through distant expectations.

However, in fact, most people are not able to see the distant fields, already on the exhausted and panting road, this time, they suddenly found out.

I need more than just poetry and fields, a cup of cool water and a comfortable bed. The hardships of life are not easy for them to compromise, first of all, poetry and field smug, but ultimately they are dragged down by life.

Even if life makes you unhappy, life is not what you want now. Some trivial things make you suffer, but you still have hope, tomorrow, warm sunshine, gentle wind, you still have a good life. Even if life is a mess, don’t lose confidence in life, you still have hope


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