Diet during weight loss is not just about eating some food or eating some food. Even if energy intake and food intake are the same, the efficiency of fat reduction may change over time. The knowledge here is worth studying, and some of them are more suitable for novice enthusiasts.

For those who can strictly demand themselves, what do they need to eat after weight loss training? First of all, low fat is a must. Do not eat high-fat foods at any time. Don’t eat too much even on the day of indulgence. Because glycogen is consumed too much after exercise, it needs some quick carbon to supplement it. At this point, the demand for protein is also high, so some protein is also needed. If it takes a long time from the next main meal (more than 2 hours), you can directly consume energy as an extra meal, which is about 5-7% of the main meal intake.

Many people have asked us, can we not make carbohydrates after weight loss training? The answer is yes, but it is not recommended. If you really want to do this to improve your weight loss efficiency, you can eat a high-protein food such as chicken breast, beef, etc. about 60-90 minutes before training, and add some easily absorbed proteins, such as cultured protein. powder.

Finally, it is a cheating day diet, some training levels are not high, and the training time is not long, fans may have scruples, literally eating will not lead to fat accumulation. If you still have concerns, you can schedule a cheating day on the day of leg training. Eat legs and cheat, work on your legs for 2 hours, or eat a cheating meal after you have finished your legs, so you don’t have any problems.


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