Frank Zane’s body is hailed as the most classic beauty in history. His wide back and narrow waist are one of the reasons why he won the Olympics three times in a row!
So how does he keep going?

Here are four tips from Frank Zane in an interview with the Bodybuilding Magazine:
1.Don’t eat too much
He suggested eating fewer meals and slowing down.

2. Light diet
In addition to removing all processed foods such as sugar, canned foods and pasta, you should also consume more protein than carbohydrates.
When you are in the offseason, you should get 1 gram of protein and 1/2 gram of carbohydrate per pound of body weight for 3 days and double on the 4th day. Repeat the 4 day cycle over and over again.

Perform adequate aerobic exercise
Older bodybuilders such as Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger do half an hour of aerobic exercise every day to keep fit.
If you think it is too boring, find some happy aerobics, such as basketball, hiking, boxing, etc., let the body sweat, so that excess fat is difficult to accumulate!

Do a lot of stomach training
Do four different abdominal exercises every day and slowly increase the number of repetitions. The total number of goals is 1,000. When you are too tired, you can train many times, such as 500 times in the morning and 500 times in the evening.


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