There is a difference between beginners and advanced versions


Simple and complicated

The difference between simple beginner and prestige training programs (simple) and complexity is that when he gets closer to his personal natural genetic potential limit, he can no longer train as simple as two to three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Five, for example), each time you practice squatting, pulling, pushing the bench press, rowing, shoulders, each group of 5 groups of 3 groups, each time you can add a little weight training.

The closer advanced individuals reach the limits of their genetic potential, the more their training programs need them to progress. Therefore, we will stress and train strength in a variety of different sports and angles. Each different exercise can help strengthen the next week’s exercise. Finally, due to the continuous strengthening of the weak muscles and the establishment of a good sports model, the performance of the power will continue to improve!

Basic and personal

Basic refers to the natural movement of the body, such as squatting, pulling, stride, walking, crawling, upper limb push and pull, these movements and functional movements, these actions have direct application value in real life, or in sports. How do you get along with others and not be different? These are the foundations that everyone must learn.
Personalization represents the need for a specific task, the ability to transfer a well-trained force to a specific task on the battlefield, or the specific circumstances in which a person moves the police, such as lifting heavy objects in various odd positions.
All in all, the training for beginners is to use simple, general, basic principles to train, he will start to become more powerful! Training for senior staff begins to become more complex, specific and personalized before they move forward.


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