Unbelievable, what are the hazards of eating irregularities?


Nowadays, more and more young people often encounter eating disorders. In a few people, the eating disorders are actually normal, but in most people, it will not only damage the gastrointestinal health, but also bring about nutritional imbalance. It may be more serious, probably because there is no scientific diet, some side effects and complications.

1. Damage to the gastrointestinal tract and induce gastrointestinal diseases
If the food is irregular, don’t eat or eat, eat too much, it will disturb the countdown of gastrointestinal digestion. When there is no breakfast or starvation, the stomach acid and other digestive juices can not be neutralized after being secreted. The stomach acid will erode the gastric mucosa, and the Helicobacter pylori infection will cause acute ulcers and other diseases. And chronic gastritis, stomach and duodenum. Overeating can cause acute gastric dilatation and seriously damage gastrointestinal function.

2. Lead to nutritional imbalance
Because food is irregular, or often does not eat breakfast, or food is not balanced, can not provide enough energy and nutrition to the body, over time, will lead to dry skin, anemia, cell aging and other nutrients lack a symptom.

According to a survey, people with abnormal eating habits have a much lower bone density than those who eat regularly. Irregular eating is one of the main reasons for those with osteoporosis.
Another hazard of irregular eating
In the case of frequent meals, the human body will naturally produce stomach and colon reflex phenomena, which can make defecation method, which is beneficial to eliminate metabolites in the body; such as irregular diet, no breakfast, can cause stomach and colon reflex disorder, constipation and other symptoms, The body is not free, and it is easy to cause skin diseases such as acne.

1. Pay attention to diet. The rules of scientific diet are regular, quantitative eating, not eating or eating less snacks.
2, scientifically distribute three meals of calories, eat well for breakfast, full lunch, eat less at dinner.
3, pay attention to a balanced diet, a reasonable diet; bad, unscientific diet or nutrition can lead to obesity.
4, diet and exercise combined, feed and muscle activities should be balanced to maintain proper weight.


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