It is accepted that the more you practice, the worse your health will be.


Some key fitness tips for the hare
The 10 most useless ways to get fit
It is also the most common and destructive form of exercise
Maybe the first one will hit you!
Everyone compares themselves, see you how much?
Usually do not exercise, weekend crazy exercise
Many friends have this situation,
Usually due to busy work,
I can’t squeeze in time for exercise
So it was like a weekend of chicken blood
Run like crazy and make up for your week of exercise
But in fact, this kind of jumping is often the most harmful to the body,
For muscles and tendons that normally rest more,
Easy to cause sports injuries.
Exercise must be gradual,
This is the reason for the resumption of physical training.
It needs a smooth recovery.
Sudden “hard brake” after exercise
Don’t stop resting immediately after strenuous exercise.
Don’t sit down and rest right away.
Because when you exercise, your blood flow is very fast.
It’s more concentrated in the muscles of the body;
If you stop resting after your workout,
It causes a lot of venous congestion,
Heart ischemia, brain hypoxia,
Dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.
The right way to do it is to run it fast,
Jog, walk, and slow down.
A process of constant deceleration
Give your muscles time to recover.It also gives the heart, the blood flow, some breathing room.

Exercise hard immediately after eating
Usually after a meal,
Most of the body’s blood is concentrated in the stomach and liver,
If I exercise now,
The first causes the stomach to store large amounts of food
The ligaments that hold the stomach in place,
In the long run, it relaxes the ligaments.
Cause gastroptosis.
Second, the excitement that disperses blood and nerves weakens peristalsis.
Food goes into the intestines without being completely grated.
Not conducive to further digestion and absorption.
Do vigorous exercise immediately after a meal.
It inhibits the secretion of digestive juices and the peristalsis of the digestive tract.
Because when you do vigorous exercise,
Increase blood flow to your muscles,
The stomach and internal organs have relatively little blood.
These causes are prone to indigestion and malabsorption,
Affect metabolism and even cause chronic stomach disease.
It is recommended to eat the whole meal after each meal
It’s best to rest for 1-2 hours before exercising.
For people who play a lot of sports,
Rest for about 30 minutes after eating.
Except for vigorous exercise.
Exercise on an empty stomach
Full exercise is not good, and hunger exercise is not scientific.
Exercising on an empty stomach can make you feel dizzy.
Even vomiting, hypoglycemia caused by exercise…
Do more damage.
Be sure to eat something easy to digest before exercising.
Carb-rich foods like bananas and raisins,
This also can achieve the effect that reduce weight,
Not hypoglycemia and discomfort.
Exercise should be done after 30 minutes of exercise.
Avoid foods that are not easy to digest, such as fat and protein.

Not fully warming up before exercise
Warm-up is an integral part of exercise.
Use short, low-intensity movements before your workout.
Improves local and systemic temperature and blood circulation
Arousing muscle movement
Let the synovial fluid of the joint be fully lubricated
Prevent and reduce injuries that may occur during exercise
No warm-up exercises,
Direct entry into high-intensity exercise,
It’s easy to cause muscle fatigue,
Sometimes it can cause muscle damage.
Whether injured or not, exercise efficiency will be greatly reduced.
So be sure to keep warm before exercising.
Beginners are too competitive
In simple English
In order to face and not consider their own actual situation,
Force yourself to train beyond your ability.
This can easily lead to muscle, ligament and other injuries.
Also can cause the psychological shadow to later training.
Beginners should not pursue fitness in the first place
Big weight, big load, big strength,
Advanced sports training,
It will be light weight, low load,
Start with low intensity, simple movements.
Then use your training ability to improve,
Gradually increase the amount of exercise, intensity of exercise,
Practice difficult movements.
It’s best to avoid initial workout intensity
Over 60% of maximum heart rate,
The formula to calculate the maximum heart rate is:
(220- age) = maximum heart rate.
Subjective feelings do not affect their normal speech,
Or stop before you feel the pain.
Before and in motion do not fill water, after motion infuse water
Drink water before exercise.
Especially during strenuous exercise,
If you don’t hydrate in time to exercise.
Generally 1 hour to 1.5 hours before exercise
You should drink water.
Everybody sweats differently when they exercise,
The amount of water you need to refill is different,
Just make sure you’re not thirsty.
In general,
Perspire easil


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