During fat loss, the preparation of the corresponding reduced fat meal can make the fat reduction more efficient, and the relative basic dietary guidance during the fat loss can make the low fat food better, so that the nutrition and calorie intake are more balanced.

Many students, especially female students, start a diet in order to have a good body, eat a meal every day, eat only vegetables and fruits. The last two questions of the article have explained why dieting is not advisable. Today, I tell you not to eat three meals a day!

Whether you want to lose weight or increase your muscles, following the principle of eating less and eating more will help you achieve your goals better! Divide your daily energy needs into multiple parts and eat them more, for example, 10 am and noon. Add nuts, fruit or yogurt to your meals.

Every meal follows this rule. Fat, salt and sugar are natural enemies of weight loss. Oil and sugar are high-calorie foods, and one gram of oil can produce up to 9 kilocalories. Salt can lock the body’s water, making it difficult to remove water from the body, causing the body’s circulation to slow down, which is not conducive to reducing the nature of fat. Therefore, make sure that you eat less salt, less oil and less sugar at home and outdoors.

Carbohydrates are made up of three elements, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The ratio of hydrogen to oxygen is two to one. They are the same as water, so they become carbohydrates.

Every cell in the body, especially the muscles, needs protein to build, so it is important to supplement it. It accelerates muscle recovery and promotes growth after exercise. Protein takes longer to digest and therefore has a strong satiety. High protein foods: beef, chicken breast, egg white, fish, etc.


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