This can be a way to learn something new when you sleep


There may be ways to use the time you sleep, at least more than you already do. The researchers found that the brain could learn from a small new study based on the nature of the new information, which involves sleep and lots of white noise.
In one lab, researchers connected 20 people to sensors, making white noise, transmitting other noise segments and allowing them to identify sound patterns. Then they fall asleep, because white noise and other sounds (some identical, some new) are always attached to sensors. In the morning, they woke up and heard white noise and other noises for the last time. The researchers found that in the morning, participants could choose the patterns they heard when they woke up the night before, which was expected. But more importantly, participants could also choose the patterns they heard during sleep, and they could remember that they were better off than when they were awake. Clearly, when it’s excluded, the brain has reached a point.


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