Motivate me!


If you say, “I will not suffer in the gym today”, your brain will remember the word “to suffer” and try your best to create a suffering environment.

Instead, you can say: “I am strong and I can do a great sport today.”

You should not exercise more than two hours at a time. When you hear some bodybuilding stars talk about how he is training 6 hours a day to prepare for his latest action movie, he is talking about a lot of modified cattle, so that ordinary people feel completely inferior and completely incompetent. Taking into account the busy shooting schedule, spending so much time doing exercises will actually produce the opposite effect, because it will make the body into an over-trained state and make it easier to metabolize its own muscle tissue to gain energy.

Consistency is the most important point, you can bring it to the table to ensure that you get the results you want. If you don’t insist, you’ll keep catching up. You’d better do it step by step instead of keeping your body in top shape and maximizing your success.

Garbage thoughts will consume your energy and affect your weight loss (and almost all other things). Focus your thinking on the following five strategies:

1. Find out what you want

Most people do not know what they can do, so the goals they set are very ambiguous – for example, “I want to lose weight” – they do not know where to start. “I would like to lose 5 pounds next month so that I can put on last year’s ski pants and spend the money on skiing lessons.” You log on weekly.

2. Find out why you haven’t got what you want

To control your power and get what you want, you need to take responsibility. Look at your choices and ask how they brought you to your place – good or bad. Responsibility means not to blame your situation on anyone or anything (for example, “My job makes me fat”). It means controlling your reaction to situations, people, and events to form the best possible outcome. Whether you let other people’s criticisms affect you is your choice. Annoying meetings don’t have to make you crazy eating ice cream. You should not be negatively affected, but you should not let negatively affect your vision. Every day, recognize what your excuse is. Then stop using them.

3 shows. Listen to what you are talking about

Every five minutes of aerobic exercise, ask yourself what your brain is thinking. Most people always make judgments about what they learned from their parents, teachers, friends, or painful experiences (for example, “You won’t finish 30 minutes because you are too lazy/too fat/eat cake this afternoon.” ). Not all of them are bad; these ideas will give you insight into the potential problems that keep your problems going. But don’t give in to them or they will destroy you. Ideas are “things” that affect your ability to act. If you think you can’t do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, you may be right. The psychological game for each workout is to get yourself into a negative thought and replace it with something else. For example, “It makes me stronger.” Rehearsing this exercise in the gym can also help you during the rest of the day. Stay energetic.

4 shows. Get organized

This is not about becoming more tidy; it is about managing your energy. If you are not organized, you cannot seize today’s opportunity. So ask yourself, what is the price of disorder in terms of achievement, work, health and relationships. Think about what your debris is about you. For example, your kitchen can reflect whether you give proper attention to your nutrition.

5. Give up any time

You can stop exercising or eat chocolate all day, but you will not benefit. So when you are breaking the limit, you will feel very uncomfortable – just like you are not sure if you can lift a heavy object again, fear makes you weak – you can choose. Give up as before, stay still, or continue to move in the direction you want … and get it.


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